Our history

In AG HOMES REAL ESTATE We treasure many exciting, unique stories, full of dreams linked to a home.

Our personal history with the real estate sector began in 1989 with the purchase of our first home, it was quite an adventure! We were not aware of the great lessons that that process gave us until 5 years later.


In 1994 we decided to sell our first home to start a new life project. In our role as sellers, we meticulously analyzed how to obtain the best result and acted accordingly. We were accompanied by a professional we trusted and in one month, our apartment! I was sold!


Our Professional history with the real estate sector began in 2015, since then we are in a continuous learning process, our goal is to provide you with honest, exclusive, professional and transparent advice in the sale of your property, providing value, our greatest success is that you can fulfill your DREAM.


I introduce myself I am Aureia Rodriguez the most visible face of AG Homes Inmobiliaria, I belong to the association of real estate professionals Asapi, to the membership of CRS and Realtor with my commitment to comply at all times with the acquired Code of Ethics, which has as its main foundation to ensure Your interests.

The least visible face is my husband Gaspar Cuesta, creative and decisive person if ever there was one, he is the key to the development of the properties.


As real estate professionals, we are committed to collaboration within the sector, which is why we belong real estate.green, real estate group committed to the environment and creating more sustainable and healthy homes.

Welcome to AG Homes Inmobiliaria!